Feel less frustration and overwhelm by taking 10-15 minutes for yourself each day.


 Ross Veltman

Since I started training with Scott in June 2016, I went through a whole transformation, both in terms of commitment to training and commitment to a healthier diet and a healthier lifestyle. Scott has encouraged and guided me through these steps and they have certainly made a huge difference to my training and to my goals.

I used to eat takeaway for most meals and always felt lethargic and ‘sick’ after a hard workout at the gym. With Scott’s assistance, I changed my meal plans to a healthier option and now have a lot more energy, stamina and no longer feel sick after a hard Crossfit workout.

I also highly recommend Scott’s Mindful Nourishment workshop that I attended in October 2016. Scott gave useful pointers that just make sense in terms of nutrition, nourishment, and how to get the most benefit out of food that you actually enjoy, rather than eating bland food that is seemingly healthier.

In terms of training, over the past four months, I have followed Scott’s program and have significantly improved my strength and conditioning. I significantly cut my times for completing workouts and increased the amount of strength related exercises I can do by well over 100%.

I highly recommend “Get Grounded” for a complete transformation and wholesome approach to health, fitness and well-being overall.

  Jo Hanlen

Scott’s workshops are informative and I like that he doesn’t preach about certain diets. Rather, he assists you in understanding our mindset towards food and the effect it can have on your body.

  Liz Glover

I can highly recommend attending one of Scott’s Wellness workshops and also signing you for a few one on one sessions. He applies a holistic approach to diet, exercise, your work, your life and knows that one size doesn’t fit all. You will only gain from his expertise, his passion and his unwavering optimism and sense of humour!

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