The Implementation Program Starts Here!

Let’s make this happen together.

You are so close to making BIG things happen for you.

You are about to find out why you don’t have to follow strict diets to get results.

Over the next six weeks you will implement the 6 key elements of the Mindful Nourishment Program.

The Mindful Nourishment Program revealed.


Here are the six projects we will work on in the Mindful Nourishment Implementation Program.


Love Yourself

You’ll discover why accepting and loving yourself is so most important.

Wheel Of Life Balance

We’ll work on finding a balance that works for you, but is ever changing.

Exercise & Recovery

You’ll get a better understanding of the right exercise and why recovery, including sleep, is so important.

Mind-Body Connection

You’ll understand how to listen to your body’s feedback and make little changes to improve your health.

Nutrition v Nourishment

You’ll learn the difference between these two concepts. You’ll be enjoying food, not just eating it.

Unstoppable Goal Setting

You’ll use my S.M.A.R.T.E.R+ plan to set goals you can’t fail because we align them with your values.

Over the next six weeks, you’ll get these six implementation projects, delivered via webinar or video and worksheets to be completed.

These are designed to IMPACT you immediately as you take action on the steps outlined, with all the support we can give you along the way.

After all, no one needs more information. You need a way to take ACTION.

Every day, you’ll have access to get your questions answered in the Mindful Nourishment Implementation Program Facebook group.



I want this to be simple, so the deal is:

Do the program, implement it, and if you find it’s not working for you just let me know within 60 days and I’ll give you all your money back. This is my return on investment guarantee.


How much does the program cost?

The total cost is $900 or 3 payments of $300 every two weeks.

When can I start the program?

The program can be started at any time. Once you join, you will get access to the first module within 24-hours.

Can I do the program all at once?

A modules will be sent to you each week for 6 weeks.

What if I have unanswered questions?

Email us at with the subject “questions” and someone will get in touch with you to answer your questions. Once you join, you will have access to the private Mindful Nourishment Implementation Facebook group where you can ask questions. Someone in the group or Scott will answer your question there.

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