Homemade sauerkraut is so easy and so good for your gut health with all its good bacteria.

I take one head of red cabbage, 4 carrots, some leftover coriander, and starter culture (only just started using it as I was using salt).

Step 1 – put it all food through the food processor grater.
Step 2 – dump into a big bowl
Step 3 – add starter culture (and any other spices you might like). mix well.
Step 4 – squeeze as much as possible into Kilner jar or mason jar (glass jar with tight lid).
Step 5 – add water to the top of the food and push down food again.
Step 6 – store in dark dry spot for 3-5 days. Put on top of a towel as the jars spill over a little as the food ferments (leaves it crunchy – longer is softer).
Step 7 – you may want to depressure jars once a day for first couple days.
Step 8 – open and taste, eat if you like the sour taste or wait a little longer to get it to your liking. Store in refrigerator.

Enjoy this great tasting (sour), gut health boosting, kraut.

PS – the smell can be pungent and strong

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