Getting back into a routine can be tough, especially if you have taken extended time off from exercise. Everyone remembers how “bad” it feels on the first session back. You won’t be as fit as you were before you took time off, but you should be refreshed.
Take it a bit easy getting back into it and have realistic expectations instead of believing you should be doing better or more. Build back up to that intensity.
However, if you haven’t taken too much time off and you want results fast (which is most people) it is all about the intensity. I believe nothing worth achieving is easy, you have to put the work in to get the results.
Don’t just go through the motions of doing exercises, put some effort in and take less rest. An example of this would be a running session I recently did 4 x 800m. After a good warm-up (10+ minutes) run 800m as fast as possible (AFAP) and rest the same amount of time it took to run the 800m. I mostly do a slow jog as the recovery – this helps keep the blood moving and allows the body to remove the lactic acid build up quicker – with a small bit of walking.
After completing the intervals, I jog home at a pace that is manageable but not too easy.
It is this type of intensity that will get you fast results. It hurts and can be more bearable with others doing the session with you.
If you want more help with training ideas to help you improve your fitness level (which will aid in weight loss), IM me to set up a time to chat.
activity-athlete-barbell-703009.jpgPhoto by Victor Freitas from Pexels
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