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Day 9 or 10-day Core Challenge

Working the core from the side today. The elbow plank is a great way to get the obliques..

Day 10 of 10-day Core Challenge

Well, it’s finally here the final day of this challenge. Have you improved on your max time dish hold?..

Day 8 or 10-day Core Challenge

Today’s session will consist of controlled hip lifts and alternating superman hold in…


      Ross Veltman

Since I started training with Scott in June 2016, I went through a whole transformation, both in terms of commitment to training and commitment to a healthier diet and a healthier lifestyle. Scott has encouraged and guided me through these steps and they have certainly made a huge difference to my training and to my goals.

I used to eat takeaway for most meals and always felt lethargic and ‘sick’ after a hard workout at the gym. With Scott’s assistance, I changed my meal plans to a healthier option and now have a lot more energy, stamina and no longer feel sick after a hard Crossfit workout.

I also highly recommend Scott’s Mindful Nourishment workshop that I attended in October 2016. Scott gave useful pointers that just make sense in terms of nutrition, nourishment, and how to get the most benefit out of food that you actually enjoy, rather than eating bland food that is seemingly healthier.


I bring a holistic approach to nutrition, health and wellness because they are so deeply related. The foods you eat determine your mood, weight, and energy level, along with many other aspects of your life.

There is no one single diet that will be effective for everyone. I help you cut through the tons of information about diets so you can improve your relationship with food so you can eat the foods you like while getting the beach body you desire.

I’m not a practising dietician or nutritionist, but I help you unlock the keys to better nutrition, as I have had to go through my own nutritional overhaul and continue on my journey to loving food.

In 1-on-1 sessions, we will have powerful conversations to discover the genius in you as we go deep to figure out what patterns are keeping you from reaching your full potential.

In a group setting, I will take questions or concerns from everyone. Going through them one at a time, trying to answer them all and help everyone at the same time. I feel this group setting is important as many times a person’s question will resonate with many in the group, so they can all get an answer.

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